Breakeven Incentive

We choose to reward members when they decide to “refer-a-friend” and achieve ANY of the quests below:


»  Quest #1: Refer two (2) members personally.


»  Quest #2: Ensure you have at least seven (7) members distributed on your qualifying earning levels (not applicable to customers).


You will be rewarded and receive a monthly credit note to cover the full outstanding balance of your installment – terms and conditions apply (see below).

Terms and Conditions:

1.) Quest #2 is not applicable to members with a “Customer” membership status.

2.) Both referring and referred members must have an active product and membership subscription, and both need to be paid up members with no arrears at the time of calculating the incentive.

3.) The value of the credit note is not commissionable.

4.) There is no limit to the credit amount a member can receive.

5.) Calculation date:

5.1) Credit notes are processed four (4) working days before the forthcoming nominated debit order date of the referring member to benefit from this reward.

7.) Credit notes are only applicable to monthly recurring fees, and will not be applied to any once-off, or annual fees e.g.: intermittent product upgrade, annual membership, or unpaid transaction fees.