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Uni-Level Referral Business Program


 Time period of changes: 16 Sept – 16 November 2021


1.1   Mema_Mobi TALK 60 replaces Mema_Mobi TALK 80 – Due date: 16 September ’21.
1.2   Mema_Mobi TALK 160 price reduced to R119 (was R138) – Due date: 16 September ’21.
1.3   R90 000 funeral cover package (Includes extended family, Accidental Death, Income Protector and Grocery Vouchers) – Due date: 16 October ’21.
1.4   To compliment MEMA_MOBI we will be introducing:

1.4.1   Mobile MTN DATA sim cards shipping with, or without a mobile battery backed up operated WiFi dongle.
1.4.2   Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom DATA packages – Due date: 16 November ’21



2.1   The Affiliate Business Program will be discontinued as an available upfront subscription option for NEW members – Due date: 16 October ’21.

2.2   Affiliate member profits will be calculated as per the new calculation rate as quoted in paragraph 2.5 – Due date: 16 September ’21.

2.3  One (1) active and paid member is required on your level 1 to maintain your Affiliate status, and avoid being relegated to Customer status -– Due date: 16 October ’21.

2.4  Relegation rules:

    • An Affiliate member must have a registration date older than 57 days before such member can be relegated.
    • An Affiliate member with Zero (0) members at month end (15th of Month), will be relegated to Customer status.

2.5  Compensation plan:

1.   We SUM the value of eligible profits on each level independently.
2.   We RANK each level from highest to the lowest in terms of the SUM.
3.   We ASSIGN percentages to each level according to each level’s RANK.

      • The highest ranked level will be calculated @ 10% on SUM of eligible profits.
      • The 2nd highest ranked level will be calculated @ 9%.
      • The 3rd highest ranked level will be calculated @ 7%.
      • The 4th highest ranked level will be calculated @ 6%.



3.1  Minimum team count:

Two (2) active and paid Connecta members are required on your level 1 to maintain your Connecta status, and avoid being relegated to either “Customer”, or “Affiliate” status -– Due date: 16 October ’21.

Exception to the rule:  If you are a CURRENT Connecta member who joined BEFORE 16 September ’21, you are only required to maintain two (2) active and paid members (irrespective of their membership type) on your level 1.

3.2  Relegation rules:

    • A Connecta member must have a registration date older than 56 days before such member can be relegated.
    • A Connecta member with One (1) active and paid member at month end (15th of Month), will be relegated to “Affiliate” status.
    • A Connecta member with Zero (0) members at month end (15th of Month), will be relegated to “Customer” status.

3.3  Compensation plan for pre – 16 October 2021 Connecta members:

1.   We SUM the value of eligible profits on each level independently.
2.   We RANK each level from highest to the lowest in terms of the SUM.
3.   We ASSIGN percentages to each level according to each level’s RANK.

      • The highest ranked level will be calculated @ 10% on SUM of eligible profits.
      • The 2nd highest ranked level will be calculated @ 9%.
      • The 3rd highest ranked level will be calculated @ 7%.
      • The 4th highest ranked level will be calculated @ 6%.
      • The 5th highest ranked level will be calculated @ 5%.
      • The 6th highest ranked level will be calculated @ 4%.
      • The 7th highest ranked level will be calculated @ 3%.
      • The 8th highest ranked level will be calculated @ 2.5%.
      • The 9th highest ranked level will be calculated @ 2%.
      • The 10th highest ranked level will be calculated @ 1.5%.

3.4   New compensation plan for post – 15 OCTOBER 2021 Connecta members – Due date: 16 October 2021:

Connecta members will be limited to four (4) levels.

      • Earn a fixed amount of R19.38 for each and every Connecta team member on your 4 levels (calculated @ R155 X 12.5%).
      • Earn a fixed amount of R6.88 for each and every Affiliate team member on your 4 levels (calculated @ R55 X 12.5%).
      • Earn a fixed amount of R3.13 for each and every Customer team member on your 4 levels (calculated @ R25 X 12.5%).

3.5   “Club” REWARDS PROGRAM – Due date: 16 October 2021:

Boost your income by building “Clubs” of three’s

      • “Club 3”:    3 Active & Paid Connecta members on Level 1 will earn a member R60.00 / Club / Month (boosted with R1.87).
      • “Club 12”:    “Club 3” + 9 Active & Paid Connecta members on Level 2 will earn a member R680.00 / Club / Month (boosted with R448)
      • “Club 39”:    “Club 12” + 27 Active & Paid Connecta members on Level 3 will earn a member R1 680.00 / Club / Month (boosted with R925).
      • “Club 120”:    “Club 39” + 81 Active & Paid Connecta members on Level 4 will earn a member R3 180.00 / Club / Month (boosted with R855).

3.6   FAST START BONUS – Due date: 16 October 2021:

If you invite 3 members and all 3 members register and pay within 9 days of your registration date, you will earn a once-off FAST START BONUS of R240 (to be added to your R60 for achieving “Club 3”).



All cancelled and lapsed members will be removed on a monthly basis during month-end procedure and all members under them will be rolled up to keep the team compressed at all times – Due date: 16 October ’21.



Going forward, a NEW member will only benefit from a credit note to achieve “break-even” with Quest #1 when the combined subscriptions of all the members on such member’s Level 1, are at least twice as much as the member’s personal subscription value – Due date: 16 October ’21.

Quest #2 is still applicable if the above does not apply.


  • All Funeral Policies. Starting Price: R50.00
  • Mema_Mobi TALK 60 minutes. Price: R50.00
  • Mema_Mobi TALK 160 minutes. Price: R119.00
  • Mema_Mobi TALK Unlimited minutes. Price: R369.00


  • The BREAK-EVEN point is realistic and easily achievable.
  • The COMPENSATION MODEL is dynamic and rewarding.


Additional Pricing: R 0.00
Earning Level: Level 1
»  A customer may invite as many people as s/he wants, but can only benefit from the break-even incentive.


1.  UPGRADE TO “AFFILIATE” MEMBER: ( To be discontinued as an available upfront subscription option for NEW members – due date 16 October’21)
Additional Pricing: R 30.00
»  Unlock Levels: 2 – 4
»  Members are allowed to have TWO team members placed on his/her first income generating level.
»  A member may invite more people, and those people will be placed in the next open spot from income generation levels 2 – 4 (this is called the spill-over rule – see Q and A below).
»  Once a member’s net income reaches 200 ZAR on the 4 income generation levels, after his/her product subscription has been deducted, he/she will automatically be upgraded to “Connecta” membership status.
Additional Pricing: R 130.00
» Unlock Levels: 2 – 10 (will change to 4 levels from 16 October 2021)
» Earn profits beyond the break-even point.


Achieve any of the following quests:


Break-even Quest #1:
» Invite 2 friends.
When you invite a person and that person joins as a Connecta member, your will receive an income of R19.38 every time the member pays his/her installment via debit order, paid via a credit note, or business income.
When you invite a 2nd person your income will accumulate from R19.38 to R38.75.

INCENTIVE UNLOCKED: You will now receive a monthly credit note incentive benefit to the value of R141.25 (R180 – R38.75) and achieve break-even – your product subscription is being paid for by other people!

Break-even Quest #2: (if Quest #1 have not been achieved)
» Ensure you have at least seven (7) members distributed on your qualifying earning levels (not applicable to customers).

Receive a credit note to cover the full upcoming balance of your installment – terms and conditions apply (see below).

  • Quest #1: The sum of the value of the contributions of the 2 members combined, must be double the value of the referrer – Due date 16 October 2021. – UP TO AND INCLUDING 15 OCTOBER, IT IS ONLY REQUIRED TO HAVE 2 X PAID & ACTIVE MEMBERS.
  • Quest #2 is not applicable to members with a “Customer” membership status.
  • All team members, including yourself, need to be paid up members with no arrears at the time of calculating the incentive.
  • The value of the credit note is not commission-able.
  • There is no limit to the credit amount a member can receive.
  • Calculation date: Credit notes are processed on (1) Month-end, and (2) four (4) working days before the forthcoming nominated debit order date of the referring member.
  • Credit notes are only applicable to monthly recurring fees, and annual MEMA_MOBI line rental fees, and not to any once-off, intermittent product upgrades, annual membership, or unpaid transaction fees.
STAY focused and strive to reach the following GOALS!


Invite and build a team of 3 like-minded people – “CLUB 3”
  1. Reward for 1st member: You will earn a recurring amount of R19.38 for the member.
  2. Reward for 2nd member: Your monthly subscription will now be paid in full for reaching “break-Even” Quest #1.
  3. Reward for 3rd member: Your income will accumulate to R60 per month.

Achieve “CLUB 12” status.

This is your EXISTING “CLUB 3”, plus 9 members on Level 2.

How do you achieve this?

Teach your existing “CLUB 3” members the importance to build a CLUB 3 to achieve the Break-Even incentive themselves and putting in foundation in place to grow their respective businesses.

  1. Reward for achieving “CLUB 12”: You will earn a recurring amount of R680.00 / month.

Achieve “CLUB 39” status.

This is your EXISTING “CLUB 12”, plus 27 members on Level 3.

  1. Reward for achieving “CLUB 39”: You will earn a recurring amount of R1 680.00 / month.

Achieve “CLUB 120” status.

This is your EXISTING “CLUB 39”, plus 81 members on Level 4.

  1. Reward for achieving “CLUB 120”: You will earn a recurring amount of R3 180.00 / month.


If you have any questions not covered on our website or in this Q and A section related to our Uni-Level referral program, please send us your suggestion/s which you want us to add.
  • Do I have to pay extra for the "Business Program"?
  • Is there a time limit to pay for and activate my membership, and if so why?
  • Why do I have to pay the first installment myself?
  • How do I make payment?
  • What happens when an Affiliate member already has two (2) members on his first income generating level, and invites more members?
  • From what day to what day of the month do we calculate earnings?
  • What happens when one of my team members don't pay their subscription fee for their product?
  • What happens when one of my team members bacome lapsed, or for some reason cancel his/her membership?
  • When are earnings paid for the above calculation period?
  • Is there a minimum amount I need to earn before I get paid?

Only if you choose to become a “Connecta” Member. (The cost is 130.00 ZAR per month.)

YES”, the time limit is 48 HOURS to make payment and for the funds to reflect in our account.

This shows commitment and intent from the applicant and does not clutter and slow down our database with unnecessary information.

This way you commit to get your product/s activated, and it shows your intent.

We offer a variety of payment methods / options through the familiar and trusted PayFast interface on the Mema Website when you are logged in on your profile.

We process MasterCard and Visa credit cards, Instant EFT (with eight of South Africa’s biggest banks) and Masterpass.

See all the payment methods / options here

The “spill-over” rule will apply.

This means that when an “Affiliate” member introduces more than TWO members, those members will occupy the next available spot in the network of the “Affiliate” member.

The “Affiliate” member will still earn a commission on their instalments if they are placed anywhere on levels 2 – 10.

The calculation period stretches from the 16th of a month to the 15th of the following month.

A member’s payment status will become “Unpaid”, and after running month-end, the status will turn to “Pending”.

No earnings are calculated for such member with above payment statuses, nor will you receive profits on such member either.

A member with such status will have to log into his/her account and access his/her “My Transaction” page and bring his/her account up to date via our online payment gateway as provided.

If the member does not have members in his/her team, then such member will be removed from the system after 14 days from the date of the status change.

If the member does have members in his/her team, then such member will only be removed when Mema performs a global roll-up, which happens on a monthly basis during Month-End process).

The “Pay Date” is on the 2nd working day (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) of every calendar month.

Connecta” members may withdraw up to 50% of their accumulated and progressive earnings before the scheduled and official “Pay Date” to assist with cash flow problems and or s/he needs funds for an emergency situation.

  • A maximum of 3 withdrawals are permitted per month.
  • Withdrawals carry a cost of 10.00 ZAR respectively.

Yes, any amount less than 50 ZAR will be carried over to next month.

Rules of Engagement:

  • UNI-LEVEL Terms & Conditions
  • Code of Conduct
  • Income Disclosure


The following words or phrases shall bear the meaning stated below:

  1. “Member” shall mean the person who applied by means of electronic media on the website;
  2. “Customer” shall mean a member with a product subscription;
  3. “Affiliate” shall mean a “Customer” who opted in for the optional uni-level business program subscription for “Affiliate” membership;
  4. “Connecta ” shall mean an “Affiliate” who opted in for the optional uni-level business program subscription for “Connecta” membership;
  5. “Super Connecta ” shall mean a “Connecta” who opted in for the optional uni-level business program subscription for “Super Connecta” membership. Have a certain number of members with certain statuses on certain levels and is subscribed for certain category products, as prescribed from time to time.


  1. Monthly Uni-Level business program:
  • For “Affiliate” membership: R30 (discontinued)
  • For ” Connecta” membership: R130
  1. Annual Membership Fee:
  • “Affiliate -”, and “Connecta ” members pay an annual Membership Fee of 100 ZAR on their anniversary month.


  1. Cancellation
  • Cooling – off Period: A member may cancel his/her business subscription which shall be no less than 5 working days from signature of the agreement, and obtain reimbursement of any payment without any form of penalty.
  • After Cooling – off Period: A normal 30-day cancellation period is imposed. Payments made, and the cost of such deduction/s inside the 30-day cancellation period, are non-refundable.
  1. A member who markets the products, services and or benefits of MEMA shall operate his/her own business, is an independent contractor (for all purposes including tax and otherwise), and is not an employee, legal representative or agent of MEMA.
  2. A member shall, provided he/she is a paid-up Affiliate -, Connecta or Super Connecta member, be entitled to start earning on the customers he/she personally invited on a “as-and-when” basis, (every time the customer makes payment), as per earnings structure.
  3. The earnings structure refers to the monthly earn-able fees, as listed by MEMA from time to time, and in accordance with this listed terms and conditions.
  4. Mema may in its sole discretion and at any time alter the earnings structures and required qualifications, if Mema deems such alterations to be in the interest of itself and members.
  5. A member can terminate his association with Mema at any time, by means of writing.
  6. A member who terminates, or whose association with MEMA is terminated, shall lose his/her member status with MEMA and forfeit all rights in terms of this agreement.
  7. To be entitled to the benefits and earnings due as set out in this application and rules and policy document, a member must ensure that his/her membership remains active and valid and shall ensure that all membership fees are paid on time, as per agreement.
  8. MEMA shall not be held liable for any consequential or incidental damages caused by its breach, cancellation or suspension of this agreement, whether or not the possibilities for such damages are known to MEMA.
  9. A member will operate his/her business in such a manner and at all times to ensure that his/her conduct complies with the rules, policies of MEMA as per the agreed Code of Conduct.


An Affiliate member will automatically be upgraded to a Connecta member when the Net earnings of such Affiliate member reaches 200ZAR at the time of calculating the monthly earnings.


Only in the event of death of a member, all product subscriptions together with the Business Program will cease.

In such event, ownership of the membership can be transferred to a nominated beneficiary, whom will have the right to become the new member, on condition that such new member qualify to subscribe to any of the available products or benefits presented by MEMA, and that such beneficiary agree to comply with all the terms and conditions of the selected products and/or benefits.


In the event that MEMA was unable to collect the balance due as per a member’s balance statement, such member will be offered a 7-day grace period after the “Calculation Period” has concluded to bring his/her account up to date, with the final payment date being the 22nd, and to be considered in the Final Recon for commission calculations.

Payments received after the 22nd will be processed towards the outstanding balance of a member, but will be excluded from the Final Recon.

Mema will process a double debit order, in the succeeding month if a payment is not received by the 22nd of the month.


Customers are only eligible to benefits from the break-even incentive, while Affiliate -, and Connecta members are business members, making them eligible to earn commissions derived from share-able profits beyond break even.

Only members with and active and paid status are eligible to earn.


Paid products and business program subscriptions from active members have a certain amount of profit in them.

Mema choose to share a percentage of these profits, which does not exceed 50%, back to the members who are responsible for moving a product, and done in accordance with the rewards and commission calculations.



The calculation period stretches from the 16th of a month to the 15th of the following month and calculated before or on the 22nd of every month.

Rewards (break-even incentives):

Calculated in accordance with the break-even incentive rule, as published from time to time.


Earnings are offset against the total monthly premium as payable under the agreement on the 2nd working day of the calendar day of the subsequent month.


I.    For AFFILIATE and CONNECTA members with only 2 active and paid members on their LEVEL 1:

The process to calculate commissions consists of 3 steps:

  1. We SUM the eligible profits on each level independently.
  2. We RANK each level from highest to the lowest in terms of the SUM.
  3. We ASSIGN percentages to each level according to each level’s RANK.
    • The highest ranked level will be calculated @ 10% on SUM of eligible profits.
    • The 2nd highest ranked level will be calculated @ 9%
    • The 3rd highest ranked level will be calculated @ 7%
    • The 4th highest ranked level will be calculated @ 6%

II.     For CONNECTA members with 3 or more active and paid members on their LEVEL 1:

  • For every multiple of 3 Connecta members, you will be awarded a CLUB 3 status   .
  • Every “CLUB 3” represents R60

You are NOT limited to the number of “CLUB 3’s” on your Level 1.

III.     For CONNECTA members with 9 or more active and paid members on their LEVEL 2:

  • For every multiple of 9 Connecta members, you will be awarded a CLUB 12 status, provided you have a CLUB 3 status.
  • Every “CLUB 12” represents R680.

IV.     For CONNECTA members with 27 or more active and paid members on their LEVEL 3:

  • For every multiple of 27 Connecta members, you will be awarded a CLUB 39 status, provided you have a CLUB 12 status.
  • Every “CLUB 39” represents R1 680.

V.     For CONNECTA members with 81 or more active and paid members on their LEVEL 4:

  • For every multiple of 81 Connecta members, you will be awarded a CLUB 120 status, provided you have a CLUB 39 status.
  • Every “CLUB 120” represents R3 000

Depending on his/her membership status, a member is eligible to earn on a range of levels:

  • “Customer” member: Level 1
  • “Affiliate” member: Levels 1 – 4
  • “Connecta” member: Levels 1 – 4


Earnings are paid on the 2nd working day (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) of the next calendar month, following the 15th.


In an effort to keep the network compounded with active paying MEMBERS, MEMA will apply the roll-up system from time to time to remove memberships which have lapsed, members cancelled or has been suspended for reasons as per “Code of Conduct”.

In case of above occurrence, the “active” member will then be linked to the “active” sponsor of the lapsed, cancelled or suspended sponsor.


15.1 Automatic Spill Over: Applicable to existing standing Affiliate members

The spill-over rule is only applied when an Affiliate member invites more than 2 members:

Example: An Affiliate member invites 3 members (excluding customers). The first 2 members will be placed on such member’s first level and the 3rd member will spill over to the second, third or any other lower level, depending on the availability of a position.

To determine the availability in order to assign and give a spilled-over member a new position, we keep track of, or monitor:

  • Which member signed up first (a member with an older registration date, may not be placed under a member with a newer registration date).
  • How many members a member in the lower level have, and are allowed to have (a member will not spill over to any member if such member already has two Affiliate and/or Connecta members).
15.2   Manual placement request:

A member my request that a team member be placed on condition that:

  • Such member may not be placed under a member with a newer registration date.
  • Such member has not been placed manually before.
  • The request is being done from the original referring member. If not, written consent from the current sponsor needs to be provided.


When a member reinstates his membership within 90 days of a cancellation or lapsed period, such member will be reassigned/instated under his/her previous sponsor, else such member may opt to be assigned under a new sponsor.


All members, when accepting this agreement, unilaterally and unconditionally agree to the terms and conditions as per the code of conduct, as publicly available on the Mema website.

DOWNLOAD and Print

Last updated: 16 September 2021

As part of MEMA’s commitment to ensure members act in accordance with our values when they meet and interact with other people with MEMA related matters, we have developed this Code of Conduct, hereinafter referred to as “The Code”.

“The Code” provides principles to which all MEMA members are expected to adhere to and advocate, while it embodies rules regarding individual responsibilities in dealing with members and/or the general public, with MEMA related matters.

The principles can be interpreted by these keys:

  • Equal opportunity without regard to race, gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation/gender identity or religion.
  • “Give to get” – think of others’ interests first.
  • Accept responsibility for behavior.

All community and business networking aspects related to MEMA, including this website, as well as participation as a member, as that term is defined in website (“”), are subject to this Code of Conduct, including, without limitation, account names, profile content, comments, chat and forum activity, videos, e-mail or private messages, printed media, as well as conduct during general conversations.

In general, MEMA has the right to review any statements, material provided and manufactured by a member and instruct such member to remove and or amend such statements and material as deemed necessary.

Consequence of breach:

We trust our members to do what is right, but we also have to be clear that we take this seriously. Violation of this, or any part of this Code of Conduct, or the refusal to amend any is grounds for the suspension or termination of a member’s business membership, access to this website and/or use of the services on this website, in whole or in part, at MEMA’s sole discretion, and may not be limited to legal proceedings.

If you are aware of a breach of this Code, you are required to report it and a failure to do so may be treated as an action condoning. Please notify us at if you believe this Code of Conduct has been violated.

Global definitions applicable:

The following words or phrases shall bear the meaning stated below:

  • “Mema” shall mean Mema Affiliate Marketing (PTY) Ltd with registration number 2013|037623|07.
  • “Member(s)” shall mean Customers, Affiliates, Connectas and Accredited Business Developers


Being a member, you agree to the following:

  • Positively promote MEMA, the products, services and stakeholders of MEMA to existing and future team members;
  • Immediately and truthfully identify yourself as a member to a prospective customers and the nature of the MEMA products and purpose for the approach;
  • Explain and demonstrate the product/s offered as accurate and complete, in particular with regard to price and cooling-off periods, and only as per the updated and listed terms and conditions within this website;
  • Emphasis must be on placing the consumer in a position to make an informed decision by providing all the relevant details on the product and relevant pricing;
  • Respect the lack of commercial experience of consumers;
  • Disclose details and limitations of after-sales service, the name and address of the Underwriter/s, product, services and or benefit provider/s, and the remedial action as per product, service and benefit’s ‘Disclosure section” shall be clearly explained;
  • Marketing and advertisements shall conform to “The Code”, which is aligned both the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa (DMA) and Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa’s (ASA) marketing and advertising practices

Being a member, you agree NOT to engage in any of the following, even if they do not constitute a violation of any law:

  • Engage in any cash transactions between any member;
  • Make any verbal promises that are not backed by MEMA and are not printed in official literature issued by MEMA, that is representative;
  • Send or post any advertisements or promotional literature or mailings which contain any description, claims or illustrations, which directly or by implication are misleading about MEMA, the product, service and or benefits, or the income opportunity;
  • Refer to any testimonial or endorsement which is not authorized, not true, obsolete or otherwise no longer applicable, not related to their offer or used in any way likely to mislead the consumer;
  • Replicate, produce, sell or supply without written consent by MEMA Head-office any literature, advertisement and/or testimonial;
  • Refrain from using comparisons, which are likely to mislead, and which are incompatible with principles of fair competition. Points of comparison shall not be unfairly selected and shall be based on facts, which can be substantiated;
  • Defame MEMA, employees, directors and or shareholders of MEMA, and/ or any firm or product directly or by implication;
  • Take unfair advantage of the goodwill attached to the trade name and symbol of other organizations or their products;
  • Abuse the trust of individual consumers, or exploit a consumer’s age, illness, lack of understanding or lack of language knowledge;
  • Post of personal information (names, address, phone number, email, etc.) of another person;
  • Impersonate another individual, or falsely stating or misrepresenting affiliation with a person or entity;
  • Create “trolling” posts.(Trolling is deliberately posting false or provocative information in order to elicit responses from people who would not respond if they knew the motivation behind the post);
  • Make postings or statements or encouraging others to make postings or statements that are (i) vulgar, obscene, indecent, abusive, threatening bigoted, and/or hateful, and/or (ii) are racially offensive, harassing, disruptive, inflaming, intimidating, libellous, stalking, defaming, and/ or defrauding of any individual, entity, or group on any basis, including but not limited to age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, religion, disability, and/or economic status;
  • Post material that advocates illegal activity, or discusses illegal activity with the intent to commit that legal activity;
  • Engage in acts that constitute “Flaming”; there is a difference between voicing a legitimate concern or grievance versus simply badmouthing or abusing someone or something;
  • Modify or falsifying the source of any content or information;
  • Distribute or disseminating inappropriate, unauthorized or unsolicited advertising or promotional material, Including, but not limited to, contests, sweepstakes, barter, junk mail, chain letters, and pyramid schemes;
  • Transmit or facilitating the transmission of any unsolicited bulk or commercial email (“Spam”), directly or indirectly, including or creating links or otherwise refer to external sites that violate this Code Of Conduct;
  • Post content with excessive frequency, that is duplicative, and/or that is inaccurate, such as designating for yourself a category in which you do not belong;
  • Attempt to access or search with any engine, software, tool, agent, device, or mechanism other than by the software or search agents provided by MEMA or generally available and industry recognized and approved third party web browsers (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari); or “frame,” “mirror” or otherwise copy any portion of the website without MEMA’s express prior written authorization;
  • Flood, overload, or mail bomb any mail service or other part of the services of MEMA, or transmitting or transferring any harmful or disruptive viruses, worms, computer code, files, programs, or the equivalent;
  • Post or make statements or other material which are deemed inappropriate and/or defaming by MEMA in its sole discretion.
  • Contact any member and advise such member to consider cancelling their active Mema product and/or business subscription, irrespective the motive.
  • Keep record of login credentials (e.g., passwords) of any member you may have assisted during the registration process.

The use of social media platforms:

Brand reputation is the cornerstone of trust and power. It is the deciding factor for all credibility, gain, and opportunity. It is how we are perceived and remembered. Reputation is a legacy.

To minimize misrepresentation, limit the potential damage unofficial social media pages and support groups can cause, protect the reputation of the MEMA brand and instil trust amongst members, the following rules apply:

  • The explicit use of the word “Mema”, and/or official logo is prohibited to be used in the name of any social platform where such platform is not represented by an Accredited Business Developer (ABD), with an “Admin” role.
  • The following sentence must be included in the description of the page/group:
    • This is an UNOFFICIAL MEMA support page/group. Info on OFFICIAL pages/groups for MEMA can be obtained from the Member’s Portal.”


This Code of Conduct is subject to change at any time in MEMA’s sole discretion by the posting of a revised Code of Conduct, and MEMA will notify members of any changes to the code.

DOWNLOAD and Print.

Last updated: 10 Aug 2021

MEMA makes every effort to ensure that we accurately represent our products, services and available business program benefits and income potential for members presented on the Mema Website (

Potential earnings and income statements provided by us in any form or matter are estimates based on broad calculation assumptions. There is no guarantee that members will attain the indicated levels of income. Members must understand that the earnings and income statements will differ from individual to individual depending on their own ability to grow their business.

As with any business members’ results may vary, and each member’s success will be based on their background, capacity, business experience, expertise, dedication and level of desire/motivation to succeed. We have no control over a members’ actions. There are, therefore, no guarantees concerning the level of success a member may experience.

Any testimonial and example which may be used is specific to that member’s results, which may or may not apply to the average member, and is not intended to represent or guarantee that every member will achieve the same or similar results.

There is no assurance that examples of past earnings can be duplicated in the future. We cannot guarantee future results and/or successes. Unknown risks in the business and on the internet that we cannot foresee may reduce members’ results.

The use of our information, products and services should be based on the prospective member undertaking a comprehensive appraisal of the business (conducting due diligence) and members agree that Mema is not liable for any success or failure of a member’s business that is directly or indirectly related to the purchase and use of our information, products, services and/or benefits.

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Last updated: 16 September 2019


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