Breakeven Incentive

We’re giving away credit notes!

Credit notes are important, since they make you.. “break even”

Depending on your membership type (Affiliate or Connecta member), you qualify as follows:

Incentive #1

»  All new members who sign up, irrespective which membership type they choose to start with, (“Affiliate” or “Connecta”), will receive a credit note to cover the total outstanding balance on their account, when they are able to:

  1. Introduce 2 members within 7 days who take the SAME or HIGHER PRICED PRODUCT and / or  MEMBERSHIP than you  (note that the entry level funeral policy @ R70, and the entry level MemaMobi start up product @R99, are considered to be the same priced products).
  2. Payment of such membership must be made within 48 hours of registration.
  3. Manual upgrades of products and memberships within the first 90 days of registration will be excluded from the incentive.

EG Therefore, If members choose to sign up as a CONNECTA….. then they can only sign up CONNECTA’s to benefit from the break-even incentive.


The 2 x members must be active paid members themselves at the time of calculating the incentive.

Members who sign up on the 15th of the month (which falls on the last day of the calculation period) will have a grace period of 7 days until the 22nd of the month for their 2 members to be activated.

The incentive DOES apply to members who were obtained by means of spill over.

Incentive #2 + #3

»  These 2 incentives are based on the active paid member count in your team over the qualifying 10 levels, as counted within the calculation period (the calculation period runs monthly from the 16th of a month, to the 15th of the following month).

»  Both incentives are applicable to EXISTING and NEW members, since their are NO TIME LIMITS!

»  The credit notes received for both these incentives, are applied to cover the total outstanding balance on a members account.

  • Incentive #2

Requires a paid team member count of at least 7, irrespective on which level such members reside in the team structure. No time limit applies and it’s irrespective what the membership types are. – ONLY the “active paid count over 10 levels are counted.

  • Incentive #3 (Applicable to members with a “Connecta” status)

Requires at least 3 paid “Connecta” team members on Level 1. No time limit applies

Members can monitor their business progress by logging into their member’s portal from any internet connected device, and review “HOW” their “break even”, and earnings have been calculated.


There is NO limit to the credit amount a member can receive.