Breakeven Incentive

Take advantage of our REWARDING and EASY 2 REACH break-even incentives!

We choose to reward members when they decide to partake in our optional “refer-a-friend” business program and achieve the milestones we explain below.

BREAK-EVEN Incentives

»  These incentives become applicable when a member has either;

  1. a count of 2 active and paid members on level 1, OR
  2. at least a count of 7 active and paid members distributed on levels 2 – 10 at the time of calculating the incentive.
    • The calculation period runs monthly from the 16th of a month to the 22nd of the following month.
    • This incentive is calculated on midnight, the 22nd of every month.
    • The credit note received for this incentive is applied to cover the total outstanding balance on a member’s account, after normal commissions have been calculated.
    • The value of the credit note will not be commission-able from 16 December 2020.
    • There is NO limit to the credit amount a member can receive.