We all want to be rewarded for our actions and ultimately create the sustainable passive income to support the lifestyle we dream of over time.

In general, we find that most members agree that THIS BUSINESS IS SIMPLE.

»  The first objective, which is to invite 2 people to subscribe to any of the valued and practical online digital products and be REWARDED for this, is very doable (read more about our rewards program and the incentives when you refer a friend).

We find, however, that some MEMBERS TEND TO MAKE IT VERY DIFFICULT FOR THEMSELVES, especially those looking to build a growing monthly passive income.

»  By default most members start inviting people left, right, and centre from the word “go”, but they GO ABOUT IT IN THE COMPLETELY WRONG WAY.



In a world filled with uncertainty and doubt there’s value in laying out a plan for your financial well-being, but remember… plans are worthless if you are not planning to do it.


»  Dream where you want to be over the next five-years, and plan for it.


»  Relentlessly challenge, question and re-evaluate your current plan that you are busy with today, and ask yourself; “will I achieve my dreams with what I am busy doing right now?”.


»  Follow our plan.

We provide members with a plan in the form of a guided framework to help them get there. This plan itself is not the key ingredient to the recipe for success…no it is the action of planning and the motion it creates that is imperative!

Standing and staying still in a fast-moving global economy is the kiss of death.

    • Planning helps you stay on your toes.
    • Planning gives you and your team the first step towards the next phase of your business and lives.

Get a grip on Network Marketing as a business... and the power it holds:

5 Processes you need to understand AND apply to start GENERATING a passive income OVER TIME:

Invest some time in educating yourself by going through the content below.

»  Not only will it help you to understand how to approach and manage your business with intent, but you will also learn how to become more successful at it.

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Important article you should read to understand the Mema business and where it fits into the realm of Network Marketing: are not alone!

We have plenty of members that are on the same mission as you so don’t try and do stuff on your own.

CONNECT so you can COLLABORATE and LEARN from amazing like-minded people.

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