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Date: 18 October 2021


Session 1:

Topic: General discussion & strategy talk.

Time: 19H00 – 19H45

Link:  No Webinar


Session 2:

Topic: Update / discussion on new changes

Time: 20H00 – 20H45

Link: UnI-L3v3l_UL/1O-2

Date: 20 October 2021


Session 1: Best for EXISTING members.

Topic: General discussion & strategy talk.

Time: 19H00 – 19H45

Link: No Webinar


Session 2: Best for NEW members.

Topic: Who we are, what we do & how does one benefit from the Matrix Business Program.

Time: 20H00 – 20H45



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Get a grip on referral marketing as a business... and the power it holds:


  • Are the above companies performing any illegal activities to run a referral program?
  • Is it legal for you to refer a friend?
  • Is it legal for a company to choose to reward you when you have referred a friend?
  • Is it legal for a company to reward you recurringly while the person you referred, keeps on paying for his products service?
  • Is it legal for a company to reward you on the friends who were referred by the person you referred, and they referred (multiple tiers)?






Things become illegal when a company:

1.  Does not provide you with what you paid for.

  • With MEMA all products are provided and activated after payment.

2.  Is not registered, or authorized to offer you the products/services you are paying for.

  • Mema is a lawfully registered company and legally authorized to market the products on offer (verify here).

3.  Impose conditional selling (you must pay for, or do this or that to benefit from the product/service itself).

  • With MEMA you don’t have to pay additional fees, or refer a minimum amount of people to be rewarded when you successfully referred a friend.

4.  The price of the product/service is over-inflated hence the product/service becomes inferior.

  • With MEMA you are guaranteed that you will pay for products/services at market related value.

How to become successful with your business?


» Identify LIKE MINDED people who are on the same mission as you when it come to running their own online business program with intend.

Like minded people are people who are willing and able to invest time into the people they are going to invite in order for them to understand what it is going to take to become successful business owners themselves!

5 Processes you need to understand AND apply to start GENERATING a passive income OVER TIME:

Invest some time in educating yourself by going through the content below.

»  Not only will it help you to understand how to approach and manage your business with intent, but you will also learn how to become more successful at it.

Click on image to open slide show:

Important article you should read to understand the Mema business and where it fits into the realm of Network Marketing: are not alone!

We have plenty of members that are on the same mission as you so don’t try and do stuff on your own.

CONNECT so you can COLLABORATE and LEARN from amazing like-minded people.

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Important Past Recorded Webinars

Part 1 - Processes (recipe) to build a successful team/income:

Part 2 - Processes (recipe) to build a successful team/income:

Understand the Calculator and Member's Portal (back-office).

What is your WHY

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The AIDA model

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