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The “WHEN” question…

I thought it appropriate to share ONE specific question that comes up a lot during conversations and training sessions:

The Question:

“WHEN can I expect to earn the amount of 26 000 ZAR passive income as showcased on the slide show and on the calculator when I and my team, focus on inviting only TWO members each?”

See, the “WHEN” question is such a relevant question since so many members have a shortfall on their budget and sometimes urgently need to create or supplement their income… not tomorrow, but today, hence they need to know “WHEN”!

Everyone asking the question is clear on how to do it… which is through the process of DUPLICATION, and we have a slide show which clearly  illustrates how to GROW your monthly income beyond 26 000 ZAR by means of duplication.

Just follow this link to review the slideshow if you have not seen it before (see slideshow on how duplication works).

The Answer:
Although we don’t want to hear it, there is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme, except if you win the lottery, and the odds on winning that is based on luck, and not effort!
Since Network Marketing is based on effort, I would normally answer the question by first asking a counter question!
“How long do you think it will take you to get your first TWO people?”
  • If you respond: “a month”, then we can assume that your level 1 would fill in a month.

By asking this question we associate levels with time, and this is very important to understand the “WHEN” question.

Next we have to determine how long it would take for the members you invited and the members they invite, to invite THEIR 2 members… and that is a tricky one!!

It all depends on the quality of people you and your team invite:

  • Do they understand how the business works?
  • Are they “like-minded” people who are eager, willing and able to put in the same effort as you to get their business going by duplicating what you have done, in the SHORTEST POSSIBLE TIME?

Theoretically, if every new member who signs up in your business gets their first TWO people into their respective levels within a month, then we can assume for all practical purposes that duplication takes a month, therefore each level will take a month to fill, and because you have 10 levels, it will take 10 months for all your levels to fill with members.

This means you could achieve a MONTHLY passive income of just over 9 000 ZAR in 10 Months.

To account for holidays, personal and other external factors, let’s add another 2 months. This gives you a realistic total of 12 months (ONE year).

So where does the other 17 000 ZAR come from (the difference between the 26 000 ZAR and 9 000 ZAR mentioned above)?

  • It comes from members on your 10th level who start off as “Affiliate” members whom we automatically upgrade to “Connecta” status when their team and income growth exceeds their product cost and the Connecta fee. This takes, on average, approximately 5 months if all the team members duplicate the system.
  • When “Affiliate” members are upgraded, there are subsequently more profits to share, which has a far greater impact on the profits calculated as per the current compensation model’s ranking feature.

To be fair again let’s add another month, to account for holidays, personal and other external factors, making it 6 months. When you add the original 12 months, it brings the total number of months to 18.

So the ANSWER is 18 MONTHS, provided it takes you and each of your team members no more than 1 month (30 days) respectively to invite 2 team members to join MEMA, and enjoy any of our valued and market related priced products and/or services on offer from time to time.


Sorry if you are disappointed, but YES, unfortunately MEMA is a proper traditional network marketing business, and not a GET-RICH-QUICK SCHEME.

Participate members understand the medium to long run benefits MEMA provide for them as they effortlessly keep on chipping away building their team, their business and their residual income.

There are 7 core reasons why members are choosing to make MEMA part of their income opportunity portfolios, and you can read more about those reasons HERE.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do
than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails.”
~ Mark Twain
Mark_Twain_ Quote

Disclaimer: This period could be shorter, but it could be even longer – and is totally dependent on the factors mentioned above.

I hope this article brings clarity and perspective to the question of “WHEN” and the steps you can take to ensure you reach your financial rewards within the next 18 months, even if it means to start AFRESH and invite 2 new “like-minded” members within the next 30 days and teach and mentor them to do the same.


Thank you for reading.

Phillip Strydom

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