How to get started


Hi potential new member. Thank you for your interest in Mema. This page provides a brief overview of how to get started:


How to start the registration process:

Getting started is easy. You have two options to join Mema using any mobile device:

Option 1: Click on the referral link of the person who invited you to our site.  » Click on the “Join my Team and Network” button.

If you have not been invited by someone…go for Option 2!

Option 2: Click on the orange “SIGN UP” slider button located on the left hand side of this screen, or any other page in the Mema website.


Completing the registration process (5 steps).

STEP 1: After you’ve clicked on either the “Join my Team and Network” or “SIGN UP” button, you will be directed to the “Pre-Register” page where you will be requested to enter your:

  • » First Name
  • » Surname
  • » Date of Birth, and
  • » Email address

NOTE – Check the Refer ID!

  1. The “Refer ID*” under the header “Who Referred You” column field, should be pre-populated by the Mema Membership ID number and the name of the member who invited you.
  2. If the “Refer ID*” field is empty, it could mean that you have not been referred by someone and stumbled upon our website through your own actions. In this case, please enter the number 130423002 to be placed directly under “Mema” as your direct and responsible sponsor to be able to continue.
  3. If you HAVE been referred by someone, it could mean that the tracking “cookie” has expired, or you are visiting Mema’s website using a different browser. In this case, kindly search for and click on the invite from the person who “INVITED” you originally, or ask him/her to resend you their referral link so that you can be connected to him/her as your sponsor, as this is the right thing to do!

STEP 2: Check your inbox for a confirmation email (average time about 2-3 minutes) to validate your email address and click on the confirmation link provided in the email to COMPLETE YOUR APPLICATION! Please check your spam folder in the event you haven’t received your confirmation email in your inbox.

STEP 3: Continue to complete all fields marked with an asterisk (*), as requested.

STEP 4: Choose from the list of available product, service and benefit items. The list will continue to grow and you will be allowed to change, delete and add listed items in future as your personal circumstances and needs change.

STEP 5: (Final step): Decide whether you want to participate in the business program as a default “Affiliate” member (at no additional cost) and grow into becoming a “Connecta” member, OR activate your “Connecta” membership immediately (at an additional 100 ZAR per month).


The most affordable way to start is as an “Affiliate” member.

Depending on your age, expect to pay the following per month:

  • Ages 18-64:     70.00 ZAR
  • Ages 65-74:     85.00 ZAR
  • Ages 75-84:   122.00 ZAR

For the above subscription, you will receive a basic funeral policy which covers only yourself. The policy is underwritten by Old Mutual and pays 5000.00 ZAR to your nominated beneficiary when you pass away.

During the sign up process, all products and services you qualify for in terms of the predetermined qualifying criteria will be displayed and offered to you as part of the selection process.

» You are, therefore, free to select and subscribe to any of our other valued offerings based on your personal needs and affordability, besides the entry level 5000.00 ZAR funeral cover.

» No matter what product/service you eventually choose, you are automatically part of the Uni-Level referral business program, and won’t have to pay any additional fees to participate in the business as an Affiliate.


Keep the following in mind:
  1. Affiliates are limited to having TWO members on their 1st level. When you personally introduce more than two people, the “spill-over” rule will apply. This means that the additional members will occupy the next available spots in your network. You will still earn a commission on their subscriptions if they are placed anywhere on your earning levels 2 – 10.
  2. An affiliate member will automatically be upgraded to a “Connecta” member status when his/her net profit reaches 200.00 ZAR. From then on, no further spill-overs will occur and all new invites will be placed on your 1st level.
  3. During the sign up process, you will be asked to confirm whether you want to be an Affiliate or upgrade to Connecta status immediately. This means that you have the option to choose to become a Connecta member from the start (at a monthly fee of 100.00 ZAR) and not wait to be upgraded when you’re in 200 ZAR net profit. This choice (an additional monthly cost to the funeral cover option you choose) is, however, totally dependent on affordability.
Oh, and a very important thing to remember:

After you have completed your online application and selected your product subscription and member status, you have 7 days within which to settle your invoice in order to become activated as a member. [You will receive email communication from Mema to confirm this, as well as a notice on the device screen after completion of your application.]

  • Mema offers various methods / options to pay your account and you can read up on those methods / options here:
  • If you don’t make payment within 7 days your membership will be deleted, regardless of whether you have invited people or not, and you will have to start afresh and won’t be able to claim the previously invited members who may have joined as a result, since they would have been rolled up to the member who invited you.


Business tools you’ll receive as a member:


»  Send your referral link via WhatsApp, SMS and email to “INVITE” people to your personal web page.
» Alternatively, you may post your referral link on your social media pages.

A SELF-MANAGED member portal to:

» manage (edit) your profile
» view your product subscription/s
» view your current and past transactions
» view your team performances and statuses.

When people open your referral link, they will see your profile picture (provided you uploaded one), your membership type (Affiliate or Connecta), your start date and then a short motivation and description of the business as well as the income potential as it is presented in a short slide show.

Knowledge is power!

Please make time to read up on all the information on the Mema website to understand how the business works and to empower yourself in the process. It will assist you in sharing the correct information with people you invite and help them with how to get started.

We’re here to help you…

If you experience any kind of difficulty with the process as explained above, feel free to contact us in order for us to assist you in getting started.