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Welcome to our download stuff page!

Our ``Download stuff`` page provides members with everything from software to documents which are relevant to members and their business. It also serves as a reference point for the public to ensure information is disclosed in an open and transparent way.

Members receive notification of any changes, updates or additions to a listed item, or the list of items as a whole.

We display the size of the item in brackets next to the downloadable item.


1.    Calculator – (Version 3.9) Compatible with windows excel. (size: 16.8 MB)


A compatible PDF reader is required to open and read files:

1.    “Business_Program_T&C’s“: (size: 476 Kb)

2.    “Code_Of_Conduct“: (size: 499 Kb)

3.    “Cookie and Privacy policy“: (size: 426 KB)

4.    “Funeral Policy T&C’s“: (size: 518 Kb)

5.    “Funeral Claim Form“: (size: 297 Kb)

6.    “Income Disclosure“: (size: 421 Kb)


A compatible PowerPoint reader is required to open and read files:

1.    “How to increase your income with MEMA“: (size: 256 Kb)