We choose to reward our CUSTOMERS when they decide to “refer-a-friend” and achieve the following quests:

Quests & rewards

»  Refer one (1) member and get a partial discount, every month.

»  Refer two (2) (or more) members and get a full discount…every month.

Terms and Conditions:

1.) Both referring customer and referred customer must have an active  product, and both need to be paid up members with no arrears at the time of calculating the incentive.

2.) There is no limit to the credit amount a member can receive (credit notes are however not commissionable to the upline)

3.) Calculation date:

3.1) Credit notes are processed four (4) working days before the forthcoming nominated debit order date of the referring member to benefit from this reward.

4.) Credit notes are only applicable to monthly recurring fees, and will not be applied to any once-off, or annual fees e.g.: intermittent product or membership upgrades, annual membership, or unpaid transaction fees.


UPGRADE and actively partake in one of our passive income generating referral business programs.
  • OPTION 1:

“Uni-Level Referral Program”

Traditional Referral Business Program
Running since 2013, this is the cornerstone program of our business, growing organically on a month-to-month basis.

This stable income opportunity program has, over time, consistently continued to outperform and outlast almost all high priced FOMO get-rich-quick premium based programs out there.

  • OPTION 2:

Forward thinking “Board Cycle Program” (BCP):

The launch of the “BCP”, as an income opportunity, has been postponed to the 2nd quarter of 2021 due to time spent on improving the back-office of the MemaMobi service offering.

The “BCP” has been developed to cater for members who are not necessarily looking for products and/or services which necessitate a monthly subscription.

It will pioneer how we engage and think about generating a passive income from a once-off payment.

It will function separate and independently from the Uni-Level business program.