We choose to reward our CUSTOMERS in different ways when they decide to


Have you ever referred a friend… to either:

  1. Look at or in (something) for information?
  2. Have a direct connection or relationship to (something)?
  3. Talk about or write about (someone or something) especially briefly?

Sure you have, we all have…

  • If you told someone about a new great new movie after watching it at the cinema, chances are that that person went to watch the movie and spent money there!
  • If you told someone about a new fancy, or a great deal at a local restaurant/take-away, chances are that that person went to that restaurant/take-away and spent money there!

The QUESTION is: Have you been rewarded for telling that someone?


Plenty of well-known and reputable South African companies are using this (REFER-A-FRIEND) marketing strategy to gain brand awareness and grow market share!

  1. Outsurance:
  2. Teljoy:
  3. Nedbank:
  4. Loot:
  5. Old Mutual:
  6. Yoko:
  7. KingPrice:

Are the above companies performing any illegal activities to run a referral program?


Is it legal for you to refer a friend?


Is it legal for a company to choose to reward you when you have referred a friend?


Is it legal for a company to reward you recurringly while the person you referred, keeps on paying for his products service?


Is it legal for a company to reward you on the friends who were referred by the person you referred, and they referred (multiple tiers)?



Things do become illegal when the company:

1.  Does not provide you with what you paid for.

> With MEMA all products are provided and activated after payment.

2.  Is not registered, or authorized to offer you the products/services you are paying for.

> Mema is a lawfully registered company and legally authorized to market the products on offer (verify here).

3.  Impose conditional selling (you must pay for, or do this or that to benefit from the product/service itself).

> With MEMA you don’t have to pay additional fees, or refer a minimum amount of people to be rewarded when you successfully referred a friend.

4.  The price of the product/service is over-inflated hence the product/service becomes inferior.

> With MEMA you are guaranteed that you will pay for products/services at market related value.

Choose how to participate:

  • OPTION 1:

“Uni-Level” Referral Program – (Monthly subscription):

Running since 2013, this is the cornerstone program of our business, growing organically on a month-to-month basis.

This stable income opportunity program has, over time, consistently continued to outperform and outlast almost all high priced FOMO get-rich-quick premium based programs out there.

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  • OPTION 2:

“4-by-10” Matrix Program  – (Once-Off payment):

The launch of the “4-by-10” matrix program, as an income opportunity, launches 1 May 2021!

The “4-by-10” matrix program has been developed to cater for members who are looking for a product and/or service which necessitates a once-off subscription and an annual license fee.

It will pioneer how we engage and think about generating an income on an as and when basis.

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