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Please feel free to contact me should you wish some explanation about this awesome opportunity!

I’am a PROUD member of MEMA, and subscribed to one or more of their non price-inflated value added products (you can scroll down to view the product line up).

As an added benefit, MEMA allows me to legally share in the profits from the margins they make on these products when affiliates (family, friends and associates) I invite, like you, subscribe to any of these products, through their optional refer-a-friend system.

The refer-a-friend system is a great add-on, since the income I am generating from it pays for my MEMA subscription/s and the remainder of the profits I use for other financial responsibilities I have!

Its a sure win-win situation for me, and it could be for you too!

Let’s have a look at the complete value proposition!

Available Products:


Mema_Mobi "TALK" VoIP softphone application

» Bringing quality and cost effective mobile data calling solutions to Apple and Android users


Basic funeral cover for individuals and families

»  Limited to persons with a valid South African bank account number and entry age 18-84.
»  Mema Affiliate Marketing is an Authorised Financial Service provider in terms of FAIS Act (Juristic representative under Licence No. 42421)

Business Opportunity


Refer-a-Friend business opportunity

»  Supplement or Create an income with any of our refer-a-friend business opportunity programs.


If you have “Microsoft Excel” on your laptop or PC, then you can conveniently download the Mema Calculator for FREE to view the income potential of the program.


   Mema has become a very stable company, and is registered and complies with the obligatory South African regulators.

   The company has shown resilience and innovation since 2013, as it has managed to live through the growing pains and challenges traditionally faced by new and growing companies.

   They offer essential products and services that have value

   The business program allows you to choose your own hours – and since the program is so mobile friendly, you can run, monitor and grow your business directly from your mobile device, basically from anywhere with internet access.

   This business is definitely not about selling stuff, but rather about sharing information that’s already available on Mema’s website. There’s no limitation to the amount of people you are allowed to share it with either.

  Subscriptions are affordable – expect to pay anything between between 70 ZAR and 399 ZAR per month for any of their product and service offerings.

   Affordability makes it attractive to more people, resulting in larger teams.

   Larger teams bring stability to our business, and create more momentum.

   Mema’s dynamic compensation plan makes it more rewarding than other similar opportunities which asks or requires higher fees, and have static compensation values!

What OTHER Members have to say about us:

List of service providers / regulators

Member of the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa
Registered with the FSCA, (formally known as the FSB) as an Juristic Representative
Member of Unashamedly Ethical
Infrastructure supported by JNZ Group of Companies