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I want to share with you some exciting, hot-off-the press news! …check the announcement below:

Isn’t it  just great to see that Mema is developing products that have actual value that we can use everyday?

We all believe that MemaMobi is going to become a flagship product in future!


2020 is now extra special with the addition of MEMA_MOBI

With Mema_Mobi its possible to make FREE QUALITY DATA CALLS to your team, family and friends who are subscribed to any of our value added products/services, when you call them on their Mema-Mobi App, and...

with the ``Start-Up`` - , ``Standard`` - or ``Unlimited`` month-to-month packages, it's even possible to call any Mobile and Landline number in SA.

As you can see I am affiliated to Mema, that has been operational since 2013!

As many companies do, Mema offers their customers the opportunity to subscribe to their products and services through their e-commerce platform, BUT with an added benefit;

»  They allow us to willingly, and without any pressure, share information about their value proposition with our affiliates (family, friends and associates) through their customized and rewarding part-time, work-from-home, and refer-a-friend feature, LIKE I AM DOING NOW!

Can you do that… share information?

If so, you can also – like me – benefit from the profits Mema offers.

That’s right, there’s a real “Wealth of Sharingopportunity here!

It’s a simple, yet effective and rewarding business model which has the potential to create an additional passive income opportunity on the side. Not only will it initially pay for inexpensive stuff like your Mema product and/or service subscription, but later, as your business grows, it will cover your other and much bigger needs and wants!

Look, I know that you are probably going to be skeptical about this… and frankly, if you weren’t… I would think something was wrong with you!

I have to agree that when it comes to Affiliate marketing I, too, thought this way:

“I despise these kinds of companies, since most of them are not legal”.

“I’m too busy, and don’t have the time”.

“I’m not a sales person”.

But here are some reasons why I came around to having an open mind…
and why I’ve specifically made MEMA a part of my portfolio of income generating programs:

   Mema has become a very stable company, and is registered and complies with the obligatory South African regulators.

   The company has shown resilience and innovation since 2013, as it has managed to live through the growing pains and challenges traditionally faced by new and growing companies.

   They offer essential products and services that have value

   The business program allows you to choose your own hours – and since the program is so mobile friendly, you can run, monitor and grow your business directly from your mobile device, basically from anywhere with internet access.

   This business is definitely not about selling stuff, but rather about sharing information that’s already available on Mema’s website. There’s no limitation to the amount of people you are allowed to share it with either.

  Subscriptions are affordable – expect to pay anything between between 70 ZAR and 399 ZAR per month for any of their product and service offerings.

   Affordability makes it attractive to more people, resulting in larger teams.

   Larger teams bring stability to our business, and create more momentum.

   Mema’s dynamic compensation plan makes it a very rewarding opportunity… and who can honestly say that they have enough money?!


If you have “Microsoft Excel” on your laptop or PC, then you can conveniently download the Mema Calculator for FREE to view the income potential of the program.

Please feel free to contact me directly, should you wish some explanation about this awesome opportunity!

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do
than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails.”
~ Mark Twain
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