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funeral policy terms and conditions


The following words or phrases shall bear the meaning stated below:


  • "Policy document" shall mean this agreement.
  • "Principal Member" shall mean the individual who apply for the cover and reflect as such under "My profile" on the www.mema.co.za website
  • "Spouse" shall mean the nominated “Legal” or “Common law” spouse of the Principal Member. This includes traditional marriages. Proof of "Spouse" only required with claim.
  • "Dependent Children” shall mean the biological and/or legally adopted and unmarried children under 19 (nineteen) years or under 25 (twenty five) years if undergoing full time education and primarily dependent on the Principal Member and named in the application for support and maintenance. Proof of "Dependent Children" only required with claim.
  • "Beneficiary" shall mean the nominated beneficiary as it reflects under "My Legacy" on the www.mema.co.za website.
  • "Cover amount" shall mean the Funeral cover as it reflects under "My Products" on the www.mema.co.za website.
  • "Family Cover" shall mean the Principal member, Spouse and up to 5 Dependent Children.
  • "Individual / Single Cover" shall mean the Principal member without a spouse and or a child.


1.    Underwriter: AFRICAN UNITY LIFE Ltd: Tel: +27 (86) 123 4555.

2.    Claims / Marketing Agency: MEMA Affiliated Marketing (PTY) LTD hereinafter referred to as MEMA: Tel: +27 (21) 200 5930.

3.    Complaints: Ombudsman for Long-Term Insurance: Tel: +27 (21) 674 0951


1.    This agreement is between the “Underwriter” and the Principal Member.

2.    Age restriction:

2.1.        Applicants, who are in the age group 18 up to, but not including 85 years, may apply as the Principal Member.

3.    Cover Includes:

        3.1.        Depending on the type of policy (Family or Single), the cover is applicable to the Principal Member and his / her Spouse, whether legally married or common-law (this includes traditional marriages), a Certificate validating marital status and/or affidavit will be required.

        3.2.        ONLY Applicants who are in the age group 18 up to, but not including 85 years, may nominate cover in respect of 1 spouse and up to 5 children, including step-child and adopted children who are unmarried and under the age of 21 (this age can be extended to 25 years if the child remains unmarried and is studying full-time and in good health). No age limit if child is incapacitated by mental or physical infirmity, provided the child is fully dependent on Principal Member.

4.    Waiting Period:

4.1.        Members and lives assured, excluding extended family, (with entry age not exceeding 84) will be subject to a 6 consecutive calendar months waiting period. Same for upgraded or complimentary benefits.

4.2.    Cover for death as a result of suicide is excluded for a membership period of 12 months.

4.3.    Accidental Death cover is effective after receipt of the 1st policy fee by insurer.

5.    All fees are payable in advance before or on the selected payment date of each month. The grace period for late payments is 15 days.

6.    A member’s payment registered by the underwriter, shall be deemed to have been made in respect of the said calendar month in which the payment was made.

7.    Lapsed Policy: Non-payment in a calendar month will result in the funeral policy automatically lapsing, unless double premiums are received by the 8th of the following month. Failure in this regard will result in a reinstated policy and new waiting periods, unless otherwise confirmed in writing by MEMA and or the Underwriter.

8.  The fees for the funeral benefit can be reduced or increased at the sole discretion of the underwriter, as group claim experience necessitates.

9.  Cover under the scheme is provided on a month-to-month basis. No reserves are built up under the scheme.

10.  Only claims submitted within 90 days from the date of death will be considered for payment.

11.  The following insured amounts would be payable in proportion to the benefit:

12.  Extended family cover may not exceed the Principal Cover amount

13.  Where a member has more than one spouse, all additional spouses will only enjoy cover if they are declared as extended family.

14.  The rules of this scheme are consistent with the provisions of the Long-Term Insurance Act (Act 53 of 1998) and with the terms of the Master Policy.

15.  The Master Policy is available for inspection at the head office of African Unity Life Ltd. The Master Policy contains the full rules & conditions of this contract. Should there be a discrepancy, the conditions as set out in the Master Policy will prevail.

16.  Cancellation (Cooling – off) Period: You may cancel your policy within 30 days of paying your first premium and receive a full refund if you have not claimed for a death.

17.  Surrender Value: Funeral policies have no surrender value.

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Last updated: 31 July 2020


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