Our products

Our value proposition includes a product and services range under the MemaINSURE and MemaMOBILE banners, respectively.

Under the MemaINSURE banner our aim is to provide the member, or the member’s family, with financial assistance in the inevitable event of a death, through a funeral policy subscription that is underwritten by a reputable underwriter.

Under the MemaMOBILE banner we aim to save members money by using the latest VOIP technology, thereby making the need to buy airtime obsolete and communicate at reduced costs. Secondly, members are able to access and manage their Mema Business (member’s portal) directly from the MemaMobi application.

1. Mema insure

Funeral Policy

This long standing standard funeral cover has been the cornerstone product of our business for years, and continues to be an attractive value proposition.

The entry-level funeral cover product offered is purposefully simple and low-cost in order to reach break-even easily.

2. Mema MOBILE


Mema softphone application icon
Our “Mema_Mobi” application is a VOIP softphone application which serves 2 purposes:

»  Purpose 1:
Use the latest VOIP technology to make quality calls to fellow MemaMOBI app users or to mobile and landline numbers.

»  Purpose 2:
Access and run your MEMA business directly from the App.


»  Free Version:
Available to existing MEMA members with a Funeral Policy subscription. It’s a PERFECT tool for existing members to use the app to make free calls to fellow team members, when calls are made between MemaMobi applications.

Secondly the Mema_Mobi app serves as your gateway to your MEMA business with the integrated member’s portal, enabling you to monitor, manage and grow your business directly from the app.

Existing members with a funeral policy subscription ONLY, can send a mail to “” and requests us to activate the free version for them.

»  Paid Version:
Currently there are 3 paid versions available to members with a debit-able South African bank account number, and who are at least 16 years of age, or older.