We offer TWO options to purchase this product:

1.  Business Partner Program option:

The product offered is purposefully simple and low-cost in order to reach break-even easily – click here for more details about the Business Program.

The following basic, entry-level funeral cover costs (worth R5 000 and underwritten by a reputable insurer) apply:

  • Your Current Age:  18 to 64  –   R70 / month
  • Your Current Age:  65 to 74  –   R85 / month
  • Your Current Age:  75 to 84  –   R122 / month
2.  Customer option:

Customers are offered a selection of funeral cover options.

View additional cover options, underwriter details and terms and conditions.

* GLOBAL CUSTOMERS WILL BE ABLE TO JOIN IN THE NEAR FUTURE – when the product range is expanded.


We are working on further products for selection.

Some of the products in the pipeline:


  • We are busy developing a mobile soft-phone application called “Mema Mobi”. The application is currently in a test phase, and we anticipate it to be up and running in the fourth quarter of 2019.


  • Members will receive cash back or discounts when they purchase goods at participating partner stores