In the unfortunate event of the death of the principal member, spouse, or any of the dependents of the principal member, we’re on standby to get the claim processed as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

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We have 90 days to submit a claim to the underwriters:

Notify us of the death as soon as you can.

1.)  Send us a support ticket via your Member’s Portal

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2.)  Alternatively…just make contact with us.

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  • The completed and signed “Claims” document
  • Certified copy of the deceased’s death certificate
  • Certified copy of the deceased’s ID document – stamped “Deceased”
  • Certified copy of the deceased’s marriage certificate or divorce order (if applicable)
  • Notification of death (DHA1663 form)
  • Declaration by traditional leader (DHA1680 form) (if applicable)
  • Burial Order
  • Affidavit – relationship to deceased if not principal member or spouse
  • Certified copy of Beneficiary’s ID document
  • Certified copy of Beneficiary’s bank statement into which cash benefits must be paid, showing the name of account holder and account number.


  • In the event of an unnatural death
    – SAPS investigation officer’s report.
  • If you are claiming for a legal dependent child aged younger than 21:
    – certified copy of the child’s birth certificate.
  • If you are claiming for a legal dependent child aged between 21 and 26:
    – certified copy of the dependent’s birth certificate
    – certified copies to prove that the dependent was registered as a full-time student at a registered educational institution.