When you TEACH someone something, you share valuable knowledge. Knowledge however is not power on it’s own. SHARING knowledge is power, since it…

  • Leads to understanding
  • Creates awareness
  • Creates desire
  • Leads to action
  • Builds trust
  • Encourages focus
  • Promotes adaptation
  • Provides people with the opportunity and ability to achieve more and reach their potential

We TEACH and encourage people to become part of our supply chain…the NEW NORMAL.

  • NEW NORMAL means to support a company that treats their customers like shareholders by rewarding them with RECURRING PROFITS which they can use to:
  1. OFFSET their subscription and
  2. PAY for other things they need.


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List of established and reputable companies who similarly offer a reward, or financial initiative if you refer people in your circle of influence to purchase a product from them:
Have you noticed that ALL of the above companies offer only once-off incentives while you are helping them to grow their business and gain market share?


Most of these companies are listed companies, but even when it’s not the case, they have

(1) an obligation to pay dividends to their shareholders,

(2) bonuses and salaries to their directors and staff compliment, and finally

(3) they have huge overheads in the form infrastructure.


At MEMA we choose to treat our customers like shareholders / brokers / representatives (call it wat you want) when they act as ambassadors for us and incentivize them with monthly financial rewards when they get people in their circle of influence to purchase their funeral policy and/or airtime, smartly through MEMA.

How do we manage to do so?:

At Mema, we

(1) apply lean six sigma principals to stay LEAN when it comes to overheads, and

(2) choose to apply a socioeconomic, over a capitalist system.