1. BEST alternative to transitional (GSM) airtime – requires data to make calls.
  2. Share the same number and Data-Airtime on unlimited devices.
  3. Unused Mema_Mobi Data-Airtime stays rolls over indefinitely, on condition that annual line rental fee is paid.
  4. No monthly debit orders.
  5. No monthly contracts.
  6. Top up AIRTIME from member’s portal when depleted
  7. Calls charged from @ 1cent / second  – see call rates.
  8. Fund your future Mema_Mobi Data-Airtime, Internet data and Mobile phone with profits from our reseller program.

RESELLER Profit sharing model:

EARN 5% on purchases from all the members in your team up to and including tier 10.

2 x Subscription Packages:

  1. “START-UP” (Number + data airtime) PACKAGE”: R150 Once-off, then R150 annually.
  2. VIP” (Number + data airtime) PACKAGE: R600 Once-off, then R150 annually.

Select Package:

Note 1: Any available credit you have will be deducted from your invoice.
Note 2: Any outstanding balance you have will be added to your invoice.