My verified nominated beneficiary:

The nominated beneficiary is part of the MEMA LEGACY program where you nominate a person who is entitled to inherit your business income, AND who may collect any lump sump,or recurring payment / profit share, in the event of your passing.

Checking your beneficiary status…


Terms and Conditions:

I hereby state the following:

In the inevitable event of my death, my Mema Estate may be inherited by my nominated beneficiary.

My Mema Estate may include recurring profits that are being generated as per the rules of the business program at the time of my death. It may additionally include any lump sum, or once-off benefit, e.g. funeral policy.

I understand that my nominated beneficiary has the option to exercise his/her right to continue or amend the Mema subscription with regard to the product, benefit and/or service subscriptions of the inherited MEMA business.

By submitting my beneficiary details, I agree and accept the above and therefore, in the event of my passing, hereby unconditionally nominate my beneficiary to inherit my Mema estate.

If you submitted an email address above, your nominated beneficiary will, upon submitting this information and agreeing to the above conditions, receive a confirmation e-mail to confirm and accept that s/he has been added as your nominated beneficiary with the details you provided above.

Kindly inform your nominated beneficiary to look out for the email with subject: Mema: Confirm and accept your nomination as beneficiary.”

Irrespective whether your beneficiary received, or verified the email sent, the details of the beneficiary above will be recorded on our database as your officially nominated beneficiary.