Options to Purchase B-Class shares are now Open, exclusively to the MEMA Community.

The door is open for a limited group of MEMA Members to become B-class Shareholders, helping to build and shape our Company to greater heights, whilst sharing in the wealth in the form of dividends (the portion of Company profits paid on an annual basis).

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Not a MEMA product subscriber, or want more information about our B-class shareholding option?


Number of shares available: Ten thousand (10 000).

Note the following when purchasing B-class share(s) below:

  1. Selected shares must be paid before end-of day of selection. Any unpaid share will be deleted from your profile within 12 hours after selection.
  2. Any available balance in your favour will be deducted (offset) against your B-class share(s) invoice.
  3. Any outstanding subscription balance(s) will be added to your B-class share(s) invoice.
  4. B-class share certificates will be issued on receipt of share(s) purchased.

Purchase (one-off / monthly):

  • Current date – 31 July 2022:  R450 / share
  • From 1 August 2022:  R600 / share



  1. A limited number of ten thousand (10 000) B-class shares has initially been made available.
  2. A B-class Shareholder is a minority shareholder who buys an ordinary share of MEMA, becomes one of the co-owners and has the right to receive any distribution by MEMA Affiliate Marketing (ΡTY) LTD, if and when declared on the B-class shares, to be made in proportion to the number of B-class shares held by each B-class Shareholder.
  3. All active Mema customers (members) may purchase an unlimited number of B-class shares at any time.
  4. It is recorded that the A-class and B-class shareholders will participate in an annual distribution of profit on the basis that 50% of the distribution goes to A-class shares and 50% of the distribution goes to B-class shares, provided that 100% of B-Class shares have been purchased. In the event that not all the B-Class shares are purchased, profit will be distributed proportionally to the number of issued A-Class shares versus non-issued B-Class shares.



  1. The applicant must be a current Mema customer (member) with an active product.
  2. The same criteria is required to maintain purchased B-class shares.
    • it is recorded that if a B-class Shareholder does not comply with the conditions and cancels his/her membership/product(s), said B-class shareholder will receive written notice to comply with the conditions within 60 days of the notice. Should the B-class Shareholder fail and/or neglect to comply with the set conditions, Mema will be entitled to purchase the share at 10% of the value the B-class Shareholder initially purchased the share for.