Steps to choose your number:


Click on the prefix you would like your Mema_Mobi SIP number to start with.


Choose any of the available numbers presented on the screen.

WATCH OUT!! Once you clicked on a number, then that number will be permanently assigned to you immediately, and you cannot undo it!

Steps by step guide to start talking:

If you have already downloaded the Soft-phone dialer app, skip STEP 1 and go directly to STEP 2.


Depending on your handset, click on any of the links below to download the Softphone app from the Apple App, or Google Play store.

STEP 2: 

If you are presented with a page offering you to enter a Cloud ID and Password, continue with STEP 2, else skip to STEP 3.

Enter the following credentials:

  • Cloud ID:    Enter your 9 digit Mema Membership ID number followed by “@MEMA”, without any spaces (example : 123456789@MEMA)
  • Password:   Enter your password you are using to normally sign into your “Member’s Portal”


If you have already downloaded the app, but received a message from MEMA to reset and provision it, do the following:

  1. Look for the “setting” tab on the Softphone app.
  2. Click on “reset application“.
  3. Enter credentials as per STEP 2.


Once you’ve installed the application, it will request you to agree to the terms of use, and to allow access to your contacts, microphone etc., for common functionality.

Kindly accept and agree to them all to experience the full features of the app.

To experience the best call quality, ensure you are connected to 4G, LTE, or stable WIFI connection where you have at least 2gb/s download/upload speeds (3G and “Edge” connections are not recommended).


Reset Your Password

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