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Great decision… let me explain in brief!

I am offering you an ONLINE supply-chain business, where you are the boss and nobody can fire you!

First you will have to choose a product which will serve your immediate needs and budget.

  • At this stage you will (by default) be a Customer.

Secondly you have to choose whether you want to participate in the optional business program.

  • If so, you will be required to upgrade to either the Affiliate, or Connecta membership option.

The table below explains in brief what the difference is between Customers, Affiliate and Connecta members:

What is however more important… is this:

When you join and choose to become part of a supply chain business where the focus is on sharing content that’s already there, with the intent to move products, there is a SYSTEM OF COMPENSATION in place that we benefit from.

Additional great motivators are the “Break Even” incentives! One of the incentives compensates us in such a way that Mema pays our installment in full, and for life, when we are able to move any of the online products to at least 2 customers (provided our 2 customers stay actively paid, of course).

Don’t worry if you cannot achieve this. There are other ways to ensure your income grows to cover your installment and other personal expenses…


for example:

When you invite 2 people to join your team to become part of your supply chain, ensure they explicitly understand that…

  • they are joining to become part of a company’s supply chain,
  • they are going to be paid when they move products, like you have, and
  • they need to play a supportive role to their 2 team members respectively to duplicate what you have done!

As a result of the above, your team will grow organically over time into a successful business… generating an unlimited passive revenue stream to support you and your family financially!

So my question to you again…

Are you ready to take the step and join my team?

What our Members have to say:

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