Business Programs


Our list of income generating business programs features: (1) Sustainability (2) Low entry cost (3) Simplicity (4) Innovation (5) Proven track record.


1. Affiliate Business Program:

  • We recently revamped our uni-level compensation model of our online Affiliate Business Program, and we believe it features on of the most rewarding compensation plans out there.
  • It’s perfect for the individual who is online and in a typical work-from-home scenario.
  • You can choose to partake as an “Affiliate” or “Connecta” member.
  • Our self-developed “Dynamic Optimization Compensation” model outperforms the traditional “static” programs.


2. Board Cycle Program: (Forthcoming)

Our online Board Cycle Program will pioneer how we think about generating a passive income from a once-off payment.

  • Tailored for individuals and organizations.