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Welcome to MEMA


Holding Bitcoin means to have a share in this global venture and a bet on the success of this silent revolution of money.

In 2019, we will have a learning and collaboration channel to support vested members on the dangers and opportunities of the CRYPTO space.

There are 2 ways to accumulate bitcoin:



MEMA Sponsored Bitcoin: If you joined our Board Cycle program we will sponsor you with R100 worth of Bitcoin, which we own and manage on your behalf.

Any profit we make on the bitcoin through trading and/or other investment, you get 75% of the profits.

Profits are calculated on a month to month basis and profits are sent to your earnings wallet on a monthly basis, backed by a detailed reporting system.



Make use of the LUNO integrated API, and conveniently, at no extra cost, buy bitcoin directly from our website which we safely HODL (hold and store) it.

Under this option, we will not influence you to invest, trade or barter with your bitcoin in any form or manner, nor shall we do it on your behalf, with or without your consent.


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