Income Opportunities


Our vision is to see and experience families living vibrant and financially sustainable lives, hence we offer custom made income opportunities to make it a possibility.

If you are ready to become financially sustainable and lead the life you desire, then we’re sure you will find any of the TWO available business income opportunities suitable to pursue to achieve your goal.

Both programs cater for the person who is open to explore and seek an additional income generation opportunity through the sharing of information. In addition, from a time management perspective, it doesn’t have to interfere with what you’re currently doing!

  • OPTION 1:

“Uni-Level Referral Program”

Traditional Referral Business Program
Running since 2013, this is the cornerstone program of our business, growing organically without the need to create any HYPE marketing tactics.

This stable income opportunity program has, over time, consistently continued to outperform and outlast almost all high priced FOMO get-rich-quick premium based programs out there.

Our Uni-Level referral program is actually a FREE business program on offer, and this is how it works:

When you subscribe to any of our funeral policies (see funeral products), and/or upcoming MemaMobi paid services (see MemaMobi services) you receive this business program as a COMPLIMENTARY benefit.

All our products and services, which are sold at market related value, have profits built into them. We simply offer to share our profits with you when you opt to share our value proposition with others, and get them to enroll and benefit from it, the same way as you have.


The 5 CORE REASONS why members are specifically making this option part of their portfolio of income generating programs:

   It’s Affordable (expect to pay a monthly subscription between 70 ZAR and 150 ZAR for any of our valued product and service offerings, and get this business program for FREE when you start as an “Affiliate” member).

   Affordability makes it attractive to more people, resulting in bigger teams.

⊕  Bigger teams bring stability, create more momentum and less risk of you losing any valuable and large sums of capital, or see your income falling unexpectedly.

   The dynamic monitoring and ranking features of the Uni-Level compensation plan makes this program very rewarding from a financial perspective.

   As a bonus, your nominated beneficiary receives a lump sump payout in the form of a funeral benefit in the regretful, but inevitable event of your passing.

  • OPTION 2:

Forward thinking “Board Cycle Program” (BCP):

The “BCP”, as an income opportunity, is due to launch in August.

It will pioneer how we engage and think about generating a passive income from a once-off payment.

It will function separate and independently from the existing and Traditional Business Program.

More information will be made available closer to launch date:

Day’s till launch: