Affiliate Business Program

Mema is through its DYNAMIC OPTIMIZATION COMPENSATION MODEL, able to monitor how our business “evolves“, in real time.

This optional “Affiliate Business Program” is for “Customers” who seek to operate a simple, affordable yet rewarding independent online business.

“Customers” have the choice to partake either as “Affiliate” or “Connecta” members:

  • Affiliate” members are “Customer” who opt in for the program, BUT choose to activate (pay) it later through their potential business profits.
  • Connecta” members are “Customers” who opt in, activate (pay) it immediately, and have an active (paid) Affiliate Business Program subscription at all times.

Affiliate” and “Connecta” members are subject to agree to the “Terms and Conditions“, “Code of Conduct” and “Income disclosure” during registration.



Products, services and benefit subscriptions we list from service providers and organizations have a margin of profit in them, and therefore becomes “commission-able”.

We share such profits equally between “Affiliate” and “Connecta” members, and MEMA (see compensation table below).


My business is not static, it evolves continuously, so why not compensate me dynamically

This is so true for everyone. Lets explain:

  • During the first couple of days, weeks or months you may only have a few members, with most of them on your 1st, 2nd or 3rd level.
  • As you however keep putting in the effort to mentor and “enable” your team members, things start to happen!
  • More and more members will fill up and occupy the lower levels of your business as your team start putting in the effort themselves.


MEMA, through its industry leading DYNAMIC OPTIMIZATION COMPENSATION MODEL, are able to monitor how our business “evolves“, in real time!

Members are now guaranteed to get the maximum potential income, at all times.

Goodbye static…HELLO Dynamic!


  • We first COUNT the profits from paid members for each of the 10 levels.
  • Then, we RANK each level from highest to the lowest in terms of the sum of the profits.
  • After ranking the levels, we ASSIGN earn-able percentages for each level (see table below), according to each level’s rank
  • Finally we CALCULATE the profits for each level according to the assigned earn-able percentages (see table below).



The Affiliate Business Program is capable of generating an unlimited amount of profit.

To understand the potential, one has to enter essential data we will base on future random permutations and assumptions.

For your convenience, we have an “Earnings Calculator” (compatible with Microsoft Office)

Click hereor on the picture to download the Calculator to enter your own permutations.


  • Do I have to pay extra for the "Affiliate Business Program"?
  • Is there a time limit to pay for the "Affiliate Business Program"?
  • How does the automatic Connecta upgrade system work?
  • What happens when an Affiliate already has two (2) paid members, and invite more members?
  • From what day to what day of he month do we calculate earnings?
  • When are earnings paid?

Only if you choose to become a “Connecta” Member.

NO”, not if you select the option to become an “Affiliate” member DURING the sign-up process.

YES”, if you select to become a “Connecta” member DURING the sign-up process. The time limit is 7 days to make payment and for the funds to reflect on a member’s account.

  • “Days” include Saturdays, Sundays and any public holiday.
  • The 7th day ends at midnight (24H00) of the 7th day.
  • Members receive email and SMS payment notifications upon receipt of their payments.
  • A member will stay an “Affiliate” member until such time as the payment is received.
  • Failure to make payment within the 7 days, will result in such member’s request to be become a “Connecta”, be removed.

YES”, if you select to become a “Connecta” member AFTER the sign-up process, then such payment is due immediately.

Its when the profits of an “Affiliate” member are enough to to pay for his/her product, AND the selected business subscription.

Such members will “spill-over” to the next level. And if the next level is also filled, to the one following it.

The calculation period stretches from the 16th of a month to the 15th of the following month.

The “Pay Date” is on the 2nd working day (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) of every calendar month.

Connecta members may withdraw up to 50% of their accumulated earnings before the scheduled and official “Pay Date”.

  • The 1st withdrawal is free of charge.
  • A maximum of 3 withdrawals are permitted per payment cycle
  • The 2nd and 3rd withdrawals carries a cost of 15ZAR respectively.

Rules of Engagement: