»  We’re all about MARKETING valued and practical products at fair, market-related prices to the consumer through our online retail and supply-chain store.

 Marketing” implies moving  a product from a supplier to a consumer, which is the same as distributing goods through a normal functioning supply chain. This could entail MULTIPLE entities, such as our members, functioning on various LEVELS. 

»  We have a SYSTEM OF COMPENSATION in place for our consumers who move any of our products through the supply-chain (without subjecting them to scrupulous conditional selling, or marketing strategies).

This “System of Compensation” is currently a LIFELINE to thousands of ordinary people, helping them cope with our deteriorating economic situations.

Our Products


Funeral Policy

» This long standing standard funeral cover has been the cornerstone product of our business for years, and continues to be an attractive value proposition.

» The entry-level funeral cover product offered is purposefully simple and low-cost in order to reach break-even easily.


Mema_Mobi TALK

» Use your current active internet connection on your existing compatible smartphone device to make and receive voice calls.
» Ideal for people with a Fiber or Broadband connection at home or work.
» Ideal for people on the move who have a strong data/internet connection on their phone.

Our Service


Business / Income Opportunity

» Launch yourself into the MEMA business world.
» A place where passive incomes are created - We offer our members the opportunity to move our valued products through the DIGITAL supply chain, and benefit according to our system of compensation.

Get Support & Training When It Suits You:

Find your Accredited Business Developer & Mentor on MEMA.

»  Become recognized as a Mema brand ambassador and receive additional rewards.
»  Showcase your leadership – help yourself by helping others succeed.
»  Stand out in the crowd.

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Member of the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa
Registered with the FSCA, (formally known as the FSB)
Member of Unashamedly Ethical
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