Our vision:
  • Families living vibrant and financially sustainable lives.
Our mission:
  • To offer shared value (profits) through our business model, resulting in a sustainable income channel created for all who wish to participate in it.


We offer the ordinary person on the street the opportunity to own an affordable, yet very rewarding wealth of sharing” subscription based business program.

We share our profits with our members to achieve their desired financial goals.


Everyone who:
  • desires a vibrant and economically sustainable life
  • has a dream and goal to become financially free
  • is open to exploring an additional income stream
  • plans to put in the effort to achieve their dreams
  • is willing and able to help others succeed in life to accomplish their own goals.


  • Their “WHY” is clearly defined, they are focused and have a strong goal to achieve financial independence.
  • They know that to be financially independent, regular cashflow is needed and that multiple income streams provide the cashflow.
  • They know that network marketing is a legitimate business and a reliable income source if they put in the effort to work at it.
  • They know that the income generated from a network marketing business is a residual monthly income as long as they and their team continue to pay their monthly subscriptions.
  • They understand that we cannot please everyone with the product offerings, so they don’t get emotional about the products.
People who typically succeed in our Business Program:

Understand that this is THEIR business and WHY they joined the Mema business opportunity.

Constantly invite people and share the Mema information (services and products).

Have a passion to help others succeed – and in the process, they help themselves and become successful.

Surround themselves with, and involve others with the same needs, passion and mission.

Manage their business by working with their team to build their business.

Motivate and inspire their team through caring leadership.

Actually take ACTION!


  • South African citizens 18 years and older may join the business program.
  • You need a:
  1. unique, valid and accessible email address
  2. unique and valid mobile number
  3. debit-able South African bank account.


  • FIRST step: _ Click on the "Sign up to become a Business Partner" button below to start the registration process.
  • SECOND step: _ Complete the "Register" form and click "Submit". If the "Refer ID*" field its empty, it simply means that you have not been referred by someone and stumbled upon our website through your own actions. In this case you must enter the number 130423002 to be placed directly under "MEMA" as your direct and responsible sponsor. If this is a mistake, it could mean that the tracking "cookie" has expired, or your are visiting our website using a different browser. In such case, kindly search for and click on the invite from the person who "INVITED" you, or ask him/her to resend you an invite to be connected to him/her as your sponsor.
  • THIRD step _ Check your inbox for a confirmation email to validate your email address and click on the confirmation link provided with the email, to complete your registration! Do keep a look out, because the confirmation email might end up in your spam folder.
  • FOURTH step _ Continue to complete all fields marked with * on the application provided.
  • FIFTH step _ Choose from the list of available product, service and benefit items. The list will continue to grow and you will be allowed to change, delete and add listed items in future as your personal circumstances and needs change.
  • FINAL Step _ Decide whether you want to partake in the optional Business Program. If so, decide whether you want to continue as an "Affiliate" member first and grow into becoming a "Connecta" member, or activate your Connecta membership immediately.

 A “Wealth of SHARING” bUSINESS SOLUTIONS provider

Member of the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa
Registered with the FSCA, (formally known as the FSB) as an Juristic Representative
Member of Unashamedly Ethical
Infrastructure supported by JNZ Group of Companies