»  We’re MARKETING valued and practical (once-off, and subscription based) products at fair market- related prices to the consumer through our online retail store.

 Marketing” implies moving a product from a supplier to a consumer. This could entail MULTIPLE (more than one) entities.

»  Secondly, but not less important, we have a SYSTEM OF COMPENSATION in place when our customers are causing any of our products to move.

 This “System of Compensation” has become a LIFELINE to thousands of ordinary people, helping them cope with deteriorating economic situations.

Our Products


Mema_Mobi "TALK" VoIP softphone application

» Bringing quality and cost effective mobile data calling solutions to Apple and Android users


Basic funeral cover for individuals and families

»  Limited to persons with a valid South African bank account number and entry age 18-84.
»  Mema Affiliate Marketing is an Authorised Financial Service provider in terms of FAIS Act (Juristic representative under Licence No. 42421)

Our Service

System Of Compensation

Business opportunity

»  With our business programs, you become a business for yourself – BUT NOT BY YOURSELF!
»  With our online support system, we help you to build  your own large successful and sustainable organization!

Get Support & Training When It Suits You:

Find your Accredited Business Developer & Mentor on MEMA.

»  Become recognized as a Mema brand ambassador and receive additional rewards.
»  Showcase your leadership – help yourself by helping others succeed.
»  Stand out in the crowd.

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Member of the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa
Registered with the FSCA, (formally known as the FSB) as an Juristic Representative
Member of Unashamedly Ethical
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